Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Day 12: Consulate Appointment & Pearl River Cruise

 I was teary-eyed waking into the US Consulate today.  Seeing the American flag flying.  Being on "American soil."  Over a year of paperwork all for this consulate visit, for getting permission to bring our son home. There was a huge line of Chinese people and we literally were ushered right in front of them all with our US passports.  I wondered what they were all there for - maybe trying to get American visas.   We were sent to the second floor, took an oath that our paperwork was right to the best of our knowledge, let them review our paperwork, and we were on our way.  Once they process Jack's paperwork, they will issue him an American visa and a packet of immigration paperwork.  When he lands on American soil and goes through immigration, he will be an American citizen!

 Yes, Jack is having another lollipop.  Between him and the girls, I've gone through and entire bag of them while we've been here.  I'm glad our dentist doesn't read our blog. :) (If he did, I couldn't mention the fact that Jack will NOT let us brush his teeth.  We try every night.  He will hold the toothbrush, but he will not put it in his mouth or let us put it in his mouth.  We just have to keep working on it.)

After some lunch, we took naps.  All 3 kids slept for close to 2 hours.  Then we headed to the Pearl River Night Cruise.  Such a memorable night. I don't think my words or the pictures can even describe this night.  It included a buffet for dinner.  We didn't eat much of it.  The sweet Chinese lady beside me really enjoyed the chicken feet, though.  The views were amazing!  China lights up at night!

After dinner and the best views, there was entertainment.  This lady did some juggling (of oranges and knives!) and then let some of the kids come up.  She made the soccer ball spin around on their fingers.  Molly was the first to go!  I was so proud of her because I knew she was nervous when the lady called her up first, but she did great.

As soon as the show stopped, a bunch of people rushed over to us to take pictures of the girls. I mean, seriously, a mob of Chinese people taking pictures of my sweet girls.  The girls were very gracious to smile and be nice.  They are not going to know what to do when we are back in America and no one wants their picture.  Earlier this week, I counted 5 times in one hour, we were asked for pictures of our girls!

Tonight was special.  As our time in China is winding to a close, I am spending a lot of time reflecting on the journey that got us here, on our first few moments with Jack, and on each of the things that have happened these last couple weeks.  So much for my heart to think about.  Very grateful tonight.

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