Monday, November 25, 2013

Day 11: Pearl Market & Sha Mian Island

We had another sunny day here in Guangzhou.  Blue sky just puts an extra skip in your step, friends!
We started this morning at the Pearl Market. So so many pearls.  We bought a necklace for me, a necklace for Jack's future wife, and bracelets for our girls.  Sweet little treasures. 

Then we went to Sha Mian Island - a much quieter and very beautiful little island.

 This is the White Swan Hotel.  Adoptive families used to all stay at this hotel, but it is under major construction right now.  

 This man was doing beautiful paintings by putting ink on his palm. Amazing!

We bought this one. :)

We ate lunch at Lucy's on the island, took naps, and then went to a nearby park.  The girls were tired but their little legs worked as hard as they could. There was complaining, but I'm telling you these girls are real troopers.  


Our kids and the other Leah running around.  So happy.  Such a great moment!

We passed this yumminess on the way to dinner.  I'll just say that we choose Pizza Hut instead.  I've loved seeing all the foods around here, though.

 Pizza Hut didn't have bottled water, so we had to try some other things.  This is Pomegranate Juice with Coconut Jellies.  The juice itself was good but I didn't like the texture of the jellies.
 Leah and Molly got Grape Juice with some sort of grape balls in the bottom. I think you can tell by these two pictures what they each thought of it.  Molly said the balls were squishy and just tasted the same as the juice.  

us, the Capps family, and "the Leah family"  Being together during this trip has made us fast friends!  Very thankful to have them here with us.  Crazy thing - Shane Capps went to the same high school as Matt.  Pretty wild to meet someone who not only knows where Etowah is, but lived there, in China!

Consulate Appointment is tomorrow. We get Jack's visa on Wednesday. And on Thursday we start our journey home.  Jack's big trip to his home!

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