Sunday, November 24, 2013

Day 10: Sightseeing in Guangzhou

We are waiting on our Consulate Appointment and Jack's American Visa.  In the meantime, we have 2 days of sightseeing around Guangzhou.
 Good news: we had sunshine today!  After over a week of all gray, it was exciting to pull out my sunglasses.  Praise God!  Matt and I both hit our second wind today, too. We know much of that is due to you guys praying. Thank you for lifting us up.  We feel better today and ready to take on our last few days in China.  God is good!  Please keep praying for patience and grace with each other.
Today we went to the Chen Family Temple.  It was built as a hotel/resting place for the Chen Family back in the 1800s.  It was beautiful to see. We also did a lot of sitting in the shade, resting, and talking with the other families that are here with us.  

 This is Leah and Leah!  This Leah and her family have been with us since Gotcha Day. We've been so grateful for Leah and her family.  Our girls call them "the Leah family."   Leah is the most precious thing!  She could not be any sweeter.  She loves to give out hugs and smiles.  Our Leah is smitten with her. 

They make these into stamps by hand carving your name in the bottom of them.  Beautiful!

Another sweet new friend.  She gave our girls a hair clip and was talking to them so much in Chinese.  They so badly wanted to understand her.

We ate lunch with friends, rested all afternoon, ate dinner in our hotel, and now we are tucking everyone into their beds.  Thankful for another day finished in China with everyone in one piece. :)

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