Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Day 13: Guangzhou Zoo

This morning we had our last adventure with our sweet new friends - the Guangzhou Zoo!
 Jack & Leah

All the kids!

Feeding the giraffes

So many fun animals, but Jack's favorite by far was the tigers!
Here is a video of his reaction to them:

We talked about how for these kids, visiting the zoo must be like books coming to life!  They have never seen real animals. 

After lunch, we had to tell our dear friends goodbye (they are all leaving from Hong Kong tomorrow morning) and that was hard.  They may have only been friends of ours for a few weeks, but it was a very intense important few weeks and because of that, they are close to our hearts.  We can not wait to watch their blogs and see their new little ones home!

We ate dinner in our room and gave the kids baths.  The girls watched some Chinese TV (which they love!) while we got Jack ready for bed.  Our favorite cartoon here is a show about two bears and a man who are out to get each other.  You can easily follow the story without understanding Chinese.

They watch it closely to figure out the story.

I asked the girls what they liked the most about China. They said "Jack!" :)
I asked them what they were most looking forward to about getting home.  They said "Daniel!"
They may fight with their brothers, but there is also a lot of love there.  Leah also said that the cruise last night was her most favorite thing we did in China other than getting Jack.  Molly said The Great Wall of China was hers.  I also asked them if they wanted to come back to China. They both said "yes!"  I am so thankful these girls came with us on this trip.  We are so blessed that our memories of getting Jack include them.  I pray that God would continue to use this trip in their hearts over time.

So, we say goodnight from China one last time.  Lots of mixed emotions right now. So excited and ready to get home but feeling the weight of Jack leaving the country where he was born and has lived for his whole 2.5 years.  Look for one more blog post tomorrow before we head to the airport, friends. 

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  1. How fantastic to see Jack so animated! Would you also post your new friends' blog info if it is public?


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