Thursday, March 14, 2013


I just got home from practice for Saturday's concert. It's 9:20pm.
The sweet musicians are still there and will be for a while,
working so hard to get all the microphones and instruments working and sounding the right way.
It is such an amazing gift they are giving us by doing this concert.
You are going to be so blessed by what they do on Saturday.

If you haven't registered yet, click here to register and get your free tickets.

We are completely excited to share this night with you!!

Thanks to Su Soutter at The Intentional Home (a wonderful blog about living intentionally. highly recommend it!) and Steve West at Brookhaven House Concerts (he hosts really amazing house concerts in his home here in Raleigh. check them out - there is one in April.) for sharing about our concert on their websites.
If you got here from them, welcome!

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  1. Very sad to miss this but we have a prior commitment! Miss you guys!


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