Monday, March 18, 2013

Concert Totals and Thank Yous

Saying "thank you" just doesn't seem to cover what we want to say about Saturday night.  So many people worked so hard to make things fall into place - and you all are a part of our little guy's journey home. As Van said, you are running the race with us!

We hope you were touched, moved, and blessed by the amazing music from Shelly, Christa, and Nicole.   As I write this, I can't even think of words to explain how beautiful their music is and especially how beautiful they were performing it live.  And the band - Mike, Pat, Kevin, Houston, Paige.  You guys are phenomenal.  As I sat in the front row, I was just totally taken back (and in tears a good bit of the time) by the beauty of the music, the lyrics, and by a God who would orchestrate it all.

Several people asked about the video we showed, so here it is, friends.   Watch it again.  With Kleenex.

And, without further ado, we are so excited and thrilled to share with you that 

approx. 280 were in attendance


$5,623 was donated to our adoption!!


46 T-shirts were sold = $690!!

which means

$6,313 was the total!!!

Wow, friends!!!  Thank you, Lord!!

We have pictures coming soon!  
Check back for that later this week.

Some particular people we wanted to thank:

Anyone who donated any amount: we are grateful beyond words!
Van Fletcher - not only were you our voice Sat. night, but you were there every step of the way loving on us.
Anne Fletcher - you made the space look amazing, but beyond that you helped us have vision, you encouraged our souls.
Shelly, Christa, Nicole - truly no words for how amazing you are - both at music and at generosity
Mike, Kevin, Houston, Pat, Paige - wow.
Graham Bruns, Hal Darby, Chuck Britt - thank you for making everything sound great. What a gift!
Julie Anna & Ben Kaufman, Leslie Larson, Sarah & Jesse Durst - you worked the musician tables so joyfully and diligently. Thank you for your sweet service!
Dave & Leslyn Kim, Jim & Emily Hapner -we really put you to work at our T-shirt and donation table, thank you for so faithfully and joyfully serving.
Rendall Family  - you greeted like pros, you guys were perfect for this job!!
Shirley Tucker - thanks for filling our bellies with amazing delicious dinner despite me telling you the wrong time.  You are amazing.
Anne Larsen - you lifted a huge work load from us by organizing the snacks, friend!
Pam & Ray Rein - you helped with so many things - set up, clean up, snacks. Wow!
More than a dozen people who brought snacks - they were delicious, thank you
Mikey Harmon & Adam White - thank you for being our concert security - huge blessing!
Clean Up Crew - we were shocked at how quickly clean up happened.  Thank you for staying late and making that happen!
Mom & Dad Harmon - you were there to help with whatever we needed - set up, lunch, clean up, kids.
Mom & Dad Wilson - thank you for keeping the kids most of the day on Saturday, for bringing food, and for being quick to help us with anything we needed

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  1. tears. Over $6K from that night...only God!! Really, that is unbelievable. So excited for ya'll. I will say a prayer after I hit "publish"


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