Thursday, March 21, 2013

Financial & Puzzle Upates

A few notes regarding adoption finances:

1.  A common question regarding donations has been if it is tax deductible.  Unfortunately it is not.   When you donate towards our adoption, though 100% off it goes directly into our Adoption Bank Account (the exception is that if you use paypal, they do take 2.9%.  We feel like it is worth it because it is so easy to use.).  This bank account is separate from our accounts that cover day-to-day expenses. So you can be sure that your money is used only towards adoption expenses.  If you have further questions regarding adoption expenses or where your money goes, please let us know. We want to be transparent and open about it.

2.  We're updating the thermometer today to reflect a more accurate total.  This adoption will cost approx. $35,000 and so far, we have $18,355 (that includes donations and money we have put in).  And, just an interesting piece of info - of that $18k,  $12,000 has already been paid out in agency fees/dossier fees/fingerprinting fees/home study fees/etc.

3.  Included in the amount mentioned above is newest puzzle update: 

Puzzle Update, Week 20 
41 pieces have been sponsored since our last update!!  
Total of 609 pieces = $6,090

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