Friday, March 8, 2013

A good mail day

In this season of waiting, checking the mail each day is a chance for something big to happen,
for another step in our process to get crossed off.

Today was a good mail day, friends.

Among the regular junk mail and bills, there were some treasures.

a card and check from a sweet friend, puzzle pieces sponsored
family portraits from Season Moore to display at the concert
a stack of pictures that we ordered for our dossier


our fingerprinting appointment!
eek! squeal!  so excited to get this!
Monday March 18th is our date.
Then we will wait to get immigration approval back.
Each step we move forward feels so good!

And, those family portraits from Season Moore,
here are a couple of sneak peaks.
It was very cold outside the morning that she took these 
and our kids were not very cooperative, to say the least.
But Season is amazing and still got some good ones
to donate for us to display at the concert.
If you have never checked out her website or seen her work,
click here to see it.
(and by the way, if you click and go to her website,
the music you'll hear is Christa Wells,
who you can hear in person on the 16th :)
Thank you, Season!!

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