Friday, March 1, 2013

A peek at our day....

I'm a little intimidated at the idea of making cinnamon rolls from scratch. When I've tried it before, it hasn't gone really well.  But, we love some fun breakfast on Saturday mornings here in the Harmon house.... so alas it's time to try again. And this time I have two helpers.  The dough is rising as we speak and hopefully we can get them made and in the fridge tonight to cook tomorrow morning. Yum (I hope).  

And this little man is always ready to show me a "caw." 

I'm so grateful for this life.
Being at home with my kids is hard and it does wear on me.
But I love it so much.

I think a lot about what it will look like when #4 comes home.  I read this article today (click here to see it) and it was helpful to me in thinking through the "storm" that may come along with his first few weeks/days/months at home.  The author says:

Many adoptive families thought the wait time was hard until they stayed home for 3 months straight working on attachment and how to eat pancakes for the 12th straight meal. Arduous and time consuming, redeeming what is broken takes everything we have to give and beyond.

It does seem hard to wait, but I know that the real work in adoption (or parenting in general) is once that baby is home.  That's when the rubber really hits the road.  That's when we will really face the heartbreak that is involved in adoption - that this precious boy was abandoned and now is going to be removed from all that he has ever known to come home with us (we are his family, but he won't understand that for a while).  We will have to face the fact that he wasn't snuggled or smothered with kisses like our other children were.   We will deal with how he doesn't know English, how he can't eat the foods we eat yet, and whatever medical issues he may have.  Friends, these things will be hard.  You may find us barely sleeping and in tears on some days.  Redeeming what is broken takes everything we have to give and beyond.

But it's worth it.  It's a little bit like Jacob working so hard for Rachel.  "So Jacob served seven years for Rachel, and they seemed to him but a few days because of the love he had for her." (Genesis 29:20).  
We already love this boy so much.

With that, I'm off to paint some little girl fingernails, finish up some cinnamon rolls, go to a dear friend's first birthday party, and soak in and savor this time with much gratitude. 

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