Monday, June 2, 2014

Six Month Update

(Lifeline is our adoption agency.  They are wonderful!)

I'm a little late on posting this, but I've been thinking about what all to share here at our six month mark.  I've been torn about how much detail to share on this blog, which is why you might have noticed I stopped sharing at all.  We want to be very open and transparent about adoption and our experience, but we also want to protect Jack and his story too.  We've kept some of the details of his story off the internet because they are his story to share.  One day, he may want to share his whole story on the internet. Or maybe he would rather not.  That will be his decision to make.

In the meantime, we wanted to share a little about how we are doing.  Adoption is beautiful and it is changing all of us.

We've had so many ups and downs in the last six months.  Jack has stopped speaking Chinese entirely, which is bittersweet.  He has learned a lot of English words and is even saying some two word phrases ("down, please" for example). Communication has been the most difficult part of this for us.  It is a real struggle to communicate anything more complicated than basic commands.  This causes him to have many tantrums.  Daily we are dealing with multiple tantrums that involve screaming and kicking. It's hard to know what to do in these situations because we want him to feel loved and cherished.... but at the same time, he has to learn to talk to us in words instead of just screaming.  If you are wondering how to pray for us and for Jack, this area is one where we really covet your prayers.

He is eating really well and overcome many food and sensory issues. He has gained 5 lbs and 2 inches!  He is sleeping great - still taking a nap each day and sleeping through the night.  He is getting out of his bed and sleeping on the floor every night, but we have decided to just let him sleep on the floor if he wants to. He is gaining muscle strength, which is so fun to see.  Stairs, running, playing - all improving so much.  He loves hugs.  And he loves to snuggle. He is even using a blanket and lovey to sleep with, which makes my heart happy because he didn't have things like that in China.

Leah, Molly, and Daniel are doing great with Jack.  Leah and Molly love to be little mommies to him.  He and Daniel still argue over toys (I think that will always be true) but I am so thankful for how I see the Lord at work in their relationship.

Matt and I are still adjusting to having 4 kids.  Being mommy to these 4 all day is such an honor... but it brings me to the end of myself. I truly don't feel like I have the patience, energy, or wisdom to raise them.  As I've wrestled with those thoughts over the past few months, I've realized that is a good place to be.  I want to be living a life that requires I lean on the Lord.  Coming to the end of myself is good because I literally have no other choice than to pray, to trust the Lord to fill in the gaps in my parenting (which are lots!!), to rest in him when I have no more energy for the day.  And His grace is sufficient.   It's been a season of life where I've had to depend on the Lord just to make it through each day.  I am thankful for a season of life like this.  It's humbling and hard and so good for me.

We also just moved!  Talk about adding craziness on top of craziness.  But, we are here in our new house, starting to get settled and meet new neighbors (you guys are already amazing!).  We are so thankful for this new space and we pray that many memories are made here, much grace is shared here, and that much is made of God here.  Jack is doing well adjusting to the new house (after some initial nerves).

I still think about Chongqing, China (Jack's birth city) almost every day and feel amazed that this little bundle of a boy is a Harmon running around our house.  Happy six-months-as-a-Harmon, Jack!  We love you so much!


 Jack & McKenna.  We were in China with McKenna and her mom and dad. It was such a joy to see them here in America. Love the Capps family!

 A nap on his daddy. I love so much about this picture.

 Taking a walk in the neighborhood

 Me and my 4 little loves

 Yay for cousins

Percy & Thomas 

Me and my boy

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