Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Jack wasn't a huge fan of the snow. He preferred being inside.  So did I!

Today was Daniel's birthday!  Jack's is Feb. 1st.  We are doing a small family party for them on Saturday.   I have some thoughts about Jack's birthday and I want to really celebrate since it's his first one home....  but, for now, on Daniel's birthday, let me say a few things about my firstborn son.  Daniel's big brown eyes and  big smile will melt my heart any day of the week.  I love it when he puts his cars down for a nap, when he says "I sure do love you, too" in response to "I sure do love you, Daniel," and when he sits in my lap to read a truck book.   I love seeing the big brother he is becoming.  In many ways, Jack is part of our family because of Daniel.  In giving us Daniel, the Lord introduced us to the world of little boys and led us to travel across the world to bring another one home.
Playing doctor.  But he was doctoring his truck more than his patient, Molly.
Happy 3 years, sweet buddy!

And, you're next, my sweet Jack!  

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