Friday, January 10, 2014

Six Weeks Home

 Jack loves piggy back rides!

Ever since Christmas, I feel like we have seen Jack smile more and more.  His tantrums are less and his smiles are more.  I think it is a combination of him learning to trust us, understanding our routines, and understanding English better.  We are so blessed by this boy!

Some updates:
  • We moved Jack out of the crib in our room into a big boy bed in Daniel's room. The boys are officially sharing a room now.  It has gone better than I imagined it would!
  • We made a list of the English words that Jack says regularly in a way that we think he understands the meaning of them. There are 17!  (eat, more, drink, car, train, truck, bus, daddy, shoes, teeth, hi, bye, twinkle, tree, thank you, good morning, please)
  • The biggest news is that the cardiologist did an ECHO on his heart and found no heart defect, no heart disease, no heart murmur - just a healthy heart! 
  • He had his first dentist appointment and surprised everyone at how well he did.  He had his teeth cleaned and the dentist said he has a few stains on his teeth but overall his mouth looks good.
  • We've noticed that while things are getting so much better with Jack when it is just us home, he still struggles when we have people over.  His tantrums are more frequent and harder to stop when other people are around.  We still want to have people over because I think we just have to work through it. It won't get better if we never have people around.  Thankfully, our friends have been very understanding and full of grace.

 The most soothing thing for Jack is to suck his thumb with one hand and shake a car near his ear in the other hand.  This is how he goes to sleep at night and how he calms himself when he is upset or confused.  This is one of the little things that I don't want to forget.

 The boys first bath together.  They had fun and I was very wet by the time both of them were washed.

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  1. LOL.... Love that a third of his words have to do with something automotive!!! He is all boy!!!!

    Got our referral this week!!!!


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