Tuesday, November 12, 2013


We have been getting ready for this trip for months.  I noticed some anxiety creeping in last week about packing.  How would I get everything into our suitcases?  How would I keep it organized?  And then there is Leah's tooth. Her front tooth has been dangling for a while now.  Last week, I told her if it didn't come out before Monday I was taking her to the dentist for him to pull it out before China.

But you know what?  I realized that I can't control Leah's tooth and make it come out (without a lot of blood and tears anyway).  I can't pack the perfect suitcase either.  

And there is so much freedom in letting go of those things.  I will do my best with packing our bags.  And we will keep wiggling Leah's tooth. But we will get on that plane just as we are - imperfect bags, dangling teeth, and all the other mess in our hearts. (update: Leah's tooth came out!  fell out on it's own, wahoo!)

Because this isn't about having everything together. This adoption and this trip are all about Jesus.  He adopted us as sons and the goodness and sweetness of that is too much for us to keep inside.  It overflows out and compels us to act!  If you see anything at all through our story, through Jack's adoption, see Jesus.  His adoption of us cost far more than $30,000.  He didn't do any fundraisers to pay our ransom.  He gave his very self, poured out his own blood.  And because of that, we are welcomed as sons of the Living True God who knows every hair on our heads.  That is what this is about.

We can't wait to introduce Jack to the One who made him, the One who knew before the beginning of time that Jack would be a Harmon!

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