Tuesday, November 12, 2013

About Jack

We get on a plane tomorrow to go to this little guy!!  We could not be more excited to hold him in our arms.  You can pray for him these next few days.  He is about to leave everything he has ever known.  Adoption is one of the most beautiful things there is.... but it involves broken stories, sad stories.  There is trauma and tragedy before there is beauty.  So, pray for Jack and his adjustment to us.  And pray that we would have wisdom on how to best love him these first few days/weeks.  We spend a few days in Beijing and then fly to Chongqing, which is where Jack is, and his "Gotcha Day" is Monday Nov. 18th.  We will update this blog as much as we can while we are there.  Thank you for walking this road with us!

 This is the first picture we ever saw of our little guy!  

 This is from when we sent him a care package, including our pictures.

 This is from when we requested an update.

This is the final update picture they sent to us.

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  1. Praying for you now as you are in Beijing preparing your hearts for Monday! Praying for little Jack as well! I cant wait to follow along on here!


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