Tuesday, September 17, 2013

800 Approval & Adoption Nesting

Cross the next step off the list!  Jack's immigration approval (called the I-800) came yesterday.  This means that we have been approved by China and Jack has been approved by America!  Now all of our documents will be sent to the National Visa Center in China where they will begin to process Jack's visa.  This process is called "Article 5."  We will keep you posted as we move through the Article 5 process.
Meanwhile, our visas are being processed here in America.  We are still thinking somewhere between mid-November to mid-December for travel. We are so ready!

Speaking of being ready, I feel like I'm in the final trimester of pregnancy.  Well thankfully I don't physically feel it, but emotionally, I am nesting y'all!  My wheels are spinning about what needs to done for our home and our family to be ready for Jack. This weekend, we moved the crib into our bedroom:
Jack will sleep there for several weeks while he adjusts.  We've read that we will treat him like a newborn those first few weeks in that we will meet his every need 24 hours a day.  He has to learn that he can trust us and that we will provide for his needs.  He will be going through some pretty big shock - everything will change for him (language, food, smells, people who look different, everything!) so we want to be available to him as he processes things.

We are excited about the auction, our last fundraiser!  We are planning on having it Oct. 9 - 16th. It will all be online, so get ready to bid on items and share with your friends.  We're counting on your help and trusting God to provide!

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