Friday, July 5, 2013

Little Feet

 Leah is learning to tie her shoes.  Today, for the first time, she wore her "tie shoes" out to the park.  
 As I was taking pictures of her tie shoes, Molly and Daniel wanted to get in on the action:

 I love pictures of feet.  Sweet little shoes can tell so much about personality of a kid.  I can't wait to have another little pair of feet to take pictures of.   We do have this picture of our other son's feet:
He has on the new blue light up insect crocs that we sent him.  Well, a sweet lady in China picked them out for us and sent them.  She was super excited about them and just knew he would love them.  I do love having this picture of his feet.

Every picture of him or tid-bit of info we can get from the orphanage is a treasure for us.  We are trying to piece together his story, but there are lots of things we will never fully know about him.  I wish I could know his true birthday (not just their estimated birthday for him), how much he weighed at birth, when he started sleeping through the night, when he started crawling.  Little milestones that mean more to a mommy than to anyone else.  

I'm so thankful though, that his story doesn't end there.  It doesn't end with milestones unnoticed.  What is broken (the fact that he doesn't have a family) is being restored, renewed, redeemed (he does have a family now) and friends, that is beautiful.  It's also our story - that we are broken sinful people yet we are restored, renewed, redeemed in Christ, and that is the most beautiful thing there is.  

And, just because it's fun, here are some pictures of pre-trip-to-the-park bubble blowing on the back deck.  I can not wait until our family is all together, until our son is home blowing bubbles on the back deck with us! Can't you just picture him right in there with these 3?  I can and it makes my heart so happy!

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