Friday, January 11, 2013

Puzzle Update, Week 10

We posted on Wednesday wondering if there were 11 people out there who would sponsor one piece each to help us get to our goal of being half way by today.   We didn't know if it was possible for that to happen in one day or not.  But it did!  Praise God!  It actually wasn't 11 people, but 4 very generous friends who sponsored our 26 pieces yesterday!  The puzzle is over halfway done, everyone!  Yeehaw!!!  :)

515 Total Puzzle Pieces = $5,150 Raised

If you still want to sponsor a piece, you are not too late. There is still time and there are still lots of pieces left of our 1000 piece puzzle.  We would truly love to have your name on our puzzle.

We are so so grateful for this amazing puzzle progress!  Leah said at dinner one night this week that "adopting is hard. There is so much money to raise and people who have to visit."  She was referring to the social worker visits, which apparently were a big deal in her mind.  It is so interesting to see this whole adoption process soak into the kids sweet little brains.  And, Leah is right that it isn't an easy process.... but it was fun to remind her that it will all be worth it!  Leah talks about her new brother a lot and I think she is the most excited about him of all the kids.  She gets it.  He needs a family.  And we can't wait to have him in ours.

Thank you, friends, for joining us on this journey.

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