Wednesday, January 9, 2013

One Puzzle Piece?

We are at 489 puzzle pieces sponsored.... SO close to the halfway mark.

We were wondering if there might be 11 people out there who would be willing to sponsor just one puzzle piece ($10) before our puzzle update on Friday.  We know budgets are tight but we want you all to know that every single $10 is a blessing that we are so grateful for!

We truly want this puzzle to represent the community involved in our adoption.  You are all such a sweet part of our lives and we rejoice to see your names on our puzzle, as you help us bring our son home.  We want your name on our puzzle because we are so thankful for you and because we love this picture of community.  (If you have no idea what the puzzle is, please click on the Fundraising tab for a full explanation).

Think about it - $10 for your name one piece - we need 11 of those to reach our half way mark.  Maybe one is you?


PS - Fundraising is hard and humbling.... and our intention is not to pressure you!  We want to communicate well about our needs and let God work in your hearts.  But, there is no pressure and we totally understand that everyone has a different financial situation.  Joyfully give, if you feel led... and if not, that's okay.

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