Sunday, November 23, 2014

One Year

Tuesday was one year since Jack's Gotcha Day.  It has encouraged my heart so much to think back to the beginning and how far Jack has come.  While we still struggle in some areas, he has come really far in other areas.   We spent the day remembering our trip to China, looking at pictures, watching videos, and praising God who has given us all (including Jack) grace for each day.  

Here's a quick glimpse into our Gotcha Day dinner of Chinese food and chocolate cake.  Love this sweet boy!

One Year Ago:

And we also remembered these pictures, which are from before he was a Harmon.  This is the difference of love and a family, y'all.  And this is a reminder that adoption starts in a place of deep hurt and brokenness.  Adoption is beautiful, but there is much heartache that comes before the beauty.

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