Thursday, August 14, 2014

For Leah's 8th Birthday

Love Manor in Chongqing, China is the orphanage Jack lived in for half of his life before us.  This picture was taken at Love Manor the day we visited there.  Seeing the faces of those children made a big impact on Leah.
Love Manor is in need of therapy equipment.  Leah has decided that for her birthday this year, she wants to raise $200 to buy this equipment!  Our adoption agency, Lifeline, is sending a medical team to Love Manor in early September so they can actually take the equipment directly to them.

We love this chance for Leah to see God provide.  She decided (we are not forcing her!) to ask her friends to donate towards this cause instead of bringing gifts to her birthday party.

We did the math.  If 40 people give $5 each, then Leah would have the $200 to buy the therapy equipment.  Some of these 40 people will be her own friends (6-9 year old girls!), but if you would also like to be one of her 40 people, you can give $5 to her (or Matt or I) in person or use the paypal button below by August 30th (Leah's birthday).

Thank you, sweet friends!  If Leah does raise the $200, we'll post a picture of the therapy equipment that we are able to purchase to send over.

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