Thursday, December 12, 2013

Medical Update

My favorite picture of the week:
 The boys were having snack time. Daniel put a cheerio over the vent (which was blowing out warm air) and the air blew the cheerio up in the air. Both boys started laughing so hard!  I let them do it over and over for a while because it was so sweet.  Bonding over air blown cheerios.  You don't need to speak the same language for that.

Jack's medical check-up was today.  I asked lots of questions. Some had answers, but some just didn't and remain unknown (scars, etc).  But the bottom line is that in general, Jack is doing well.  We are still dealing with runny nose/congestion.  And we will have a cardiologist appointment in the new year for his heart issues.  But, the bones in his chest wall are of no concern to our doctor. Purely cosmetic.  We go back in a month to discuss vaccinations and Jack's cognitive progress.  The doctor thinks that in a few months, though, Jack will be on a regular well-child schedule for doctor visits.  He doesn't think any of Jack's issues will be lingering ones. Overall, sweet for this mommy to hear!

Some other favorites from this week:

Jie Jie means sister. She choose this shirt to wear to preschool one day this week.

 Jack's shirt. :)

 A moment of sharing trains.

And this is only the beginning of all the brother pictures we will have of these two boys.  Grateful beyond measure!

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