Sunday, November 10, 2013

Gift for Molly

Our Molly is five years old.  She goes to the sweetest preschool and has the sweetest teachers!  They did the most amazing thing for her at the end of last week.  Her teacher, Ms. Kathy, showed the kids on the globe where Molly was going, they prayed for her, and...
...they gave her this awesome bag of goodies for the airplane...
...including these journals for both of our girls...
... and this soft blanket to keep her warm!
Y'all I cried like a baby that day!  I can't tell you how much this meant to Molly.  She was so excited to tell me all about it and show me all the things.  And the blanket - oh my word - it is soft and fuzzy and Ms. Kathy told her "You can feel my arms giving you a big hug when you wrap up in this blanket." It was huge because it truly gave Molly a new sense of confidence about the trip!
I still can't think about it without crying.

Thank you, Ms. Kathy and Ms. Ann, for loving Molly so well! 

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