Thursday, November 21, 2013

Day 7: Chongqing Zoo & City Tour

 We spent the morning at the CQ Zoo seeing pandas and a tiger.  Really fun!

 Molly was so sweet and wanted to push Jack. 
By the way, Molly wants to say hello to her preschool class - we know they are reading this so she says hello!  She wishes she could do Facetime with you so that she could see all of your faces, but know that she is thinking about you all.  And, Ms. Kathy & Ms. Ann - that blanket has been great.  When she was sick, I said "Molly do you need a hug from Ms. Kathy?" She said yes and I snuggled her up in it.  You mean so much to her!
We got very close to this tiger.  Jack got SO excited. He started smiling, laughing, and rubbing his head against my head.  So happy.  This is really his first day of being out and about.  In his whole 2 years of life, he has been in an orphanage so being outside of those walls and seeing real live animals was a big deal.

 After the zoo, Michael showed us a few landmarks around Chongqing. This is where two big rivers meet.  One of the rivers is the Yangtze and I can't remember the name of the other one.

 We also went to this amazing (and very old) place. I can't remember its Chinese name right now, but it was really beautiful.  We were trying to soak in the beauty and history of it, but honestly our kids were all 3 tired and hungry so I'm glad we took pictures we can enjoy later.  We were ready to leave there and go to lunch.  Just keeping it real, y'all. 

 Michael took us to this dumpling place for lunch and it was delicious!  Probably my favorite meal here.  

 Naptime for our little man.  He fought it pretty hard again today and literally fell asleep eating.  He had his snack trap in his hand and was eating food from it while his eyes were closed until he finally drifted off to sleep. Food is so comforting to him right now. And, also - we got this shirt for him because Superman was adopted. :)

Dinnertime was noodles from a nearby restaurant.  He was having trouble eating by himself, so Daddy helped.  So impressed with my husband's chop stick skills!

Tonight, the girls and Jack played on the floor. Jack was laughing SO hard. I think it was the happiest we've seen him yet. Leah and Molly were being so so sweet. They were all 3 crawling on the floor laughing so loud. Be still my heart!!  

Jack - you have a family now!  This love you feel from us, it isn't going away.  I pray tonight that you are beginning to understand that.

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