Monday, August 5, 2013

New Pictures!

We were so excited to find this little face waiting for us in our email this morning!  My first thought was "wow, he has grown so much!"  He has gotten so big!  And this is a good thing - it means he is eating and growing and that warms this momma's heart!   After those thoughts, we realized the preciousness of his outfit (by preciousness I mean that it's so an orphanage outfit) - pink shoes, Angry Birds shorts, and yes a girls sailor shirt.  I do realize that they make boy sailor shirts, but based on the low cut top and the frilly on the collar and sleeves, I'm confident it was meant for girls.  I also think the sweet orphanage nannies might have thought they would put on the nicest shirt they had to take pictures for us... or maybe it was just what he was wearing that day, I don't know.  Either way, I will treasure this picture!

Oh, little buddy, we can't wait to get to you!!!

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