Tuesday, August 27, 2013

His name will be...

Jack Stephen Harmon

Jack means "God is gracious."  This is grace - that we, who deserve nothing from God, have been given everything by him.  It is God calling us his own, calling us dearly loved.  It is Jesus living a perfect life yet suffering all the consequences we deserved in order to pay the price for us.  We pray for Jack that as he learns about who God is, he would see God's gracious hand in his life from the moment he was born. (By the way, if these words about what grace is sound strange to you or you have never heard things like it before, please talk to us about it. We'd love to talk!)

Stephen.  The story of Stephen is in Acts 6 & 7.  Stephen was a man full of faith in God's grace.  Stephen knew God well, knew the acts of God through history, and believed it until death.  There is another Stephen, too, that is part of why we would give our son this name.  Stephen Smallman was our pastor for a short time when our church was having trouble.  He patiently loved on us and our small church in a way that strengthened our faith and our church.  Two Stephens we hope our son will learn about and aim to be like.  Two Stephens we want to be more like ourselves.

So, let us re-introduce you to our son by his name this time.  
Say hello to Jack!

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