Wednesday, August 14, 2013

90 Days

The phone rang today. I saw that it as an Alabama number.  I've been waiting for a call from an Alabama number for weeks (our agency is based in Alabama). Waiting for news regarding our LOA.  The last I heard, our dossier was still being translated into Chinese.  And that translation started 90 days ago.  90 days.  So this morning I saw the Alabama number on my phone, my heart leaped, and I answered.  

There is good news, she said.  Long story short, our dossier has not only been translated.... it has also been reviewed and matched.  My understanding is that this means we essentially have our approval. We are just waiting on getting the actual LOA hard copy!  And that should come soon.  "I'm not going to cry" I said to her as I was getting all choked up.  I had been praying our dossier would just finish translation this week. God did abundantly more than that.  He did what I thought wasn't possible.

So, August you may end up bringing us our LOA afterall.  And I am praising God for that!

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