Thursday, May 9, 2013

We got it!

We got our Log In Date (LID)!!  This means that his file will no longer be taken away from our agency!!  This LID was the one piece we were waiting for in order to let China know that we wanted this specific boy so that they wouldn't move him to a different agency.  We went out to dinner last night as a celebration!!  If things go as they normally do at this point, we should get our Pre-Approval (PA) next week.  Once we have that, we can tell you more about our son and he will officially be connected to us!

This fun news makes our time at Chick-fil-A tonight all the more sweet.  Our girls think it is a party.  This morning, Molly said "Mommy is tonight our Chick-fil-A party?"  I love that!  It feels a little bit like a party to me, too.  :)

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