Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Thoughts

So many times on Mother's Day, I think of the ways I fail as a mother.  The times I got angry. The times I had expectations too high. The times I passed on getting a snuggle in order to get things done.  The times I sat at the computer instead of disciplined.  My motherhood is messy and far from perfect but the reality is that my motherhood isn't my measure of who I am.  God doesn't require perfect children and perfect homes.  He requires messy sinners to come to him.   My measure of who I am is that I am a Child of God. Adopted into his family.  My sin was paid for. I was bought for a price!  Lord, help me remember!

I know this day stings for many - for those struggling with infertility, for the single girl longing to be a wife and mother, for the mother with a rebellious teenager, for the mother who miscarried, for the mother whose child is sick, to name a few.  It stings because it is a reminder that things are not how they should be.  Come back, Jesus.  

Make things right. Make all things new.

A piece of my heart is in China this Mother's Day.  There is a woman out there, who for reasons we will never know gave up her beautiful son.  I can't imagine the pain she went through to come to that decision.  I am grateful that she gave him life.  I wish I could thank her for that.  Her story and my story are now connected, although we will never know each other.  She birthed the little boy that will bring so much joy to our house.  I can.not.wait. to wrap my arms around him!!

So here are my Mother's Day pictures this year.  I didn't want to post them without writing about what was going on in my heart today.  I am grateful for every second with these kids, but like I said I am no perfect mother.  I am a Child of God, grateful for these blessings he has given me:

Along with special notes and lots of hugs, they gave me this necklace.  It has 1 Samuel 1:27-28 on it. I love it!  It has been a sweet day.

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