Friday, May 31, 2013

Love Manor

Our son (the name we are giving him is coming soon and we are not allowed to publish his Chinese name so for now, he is just referred to as "our son") is in Chongqing city at an orphanage called Love Manor.  We have been blown away as we have learned about this place.  A group from The John 14 Project went there and wrote this:

Honestly, this facility broke every idea, stereotype and preconceived notion that I had regarding orphanages.  This was the most impressive childcare facility I have ever seen…anywhere.

Wow!  There are walking trails, a music room, a sensory integration room, a beauty shop room, a physical therapy room, a tea room, nice cribs, bright toys, sweet nannies, etc.  To see the entire article (and some amazing pictures of the place) by the John 14 project, click the link below.

This orphanage was built to house 15,000 orphans.  15,000!!  It is not full yet as it is still pretty new.  It is an attempt to be a model for future orphanages.

Here is a short video about the vision for it:


I had expected to be very concerned for our son during the period of time where we were waiting to travel.  So, it is a HUGE blessing for him to be in this facility. We still can't wait to get our son home, to snuggle him, and to teach him the unconditional love of a mommy & daddy, but we are extremely grateful to the Lord for his provision in the mean time!!

Another quick AMAZING tid-bit we wanted to share - we just saw on the website of our agency that the other boy whose file we were given has been matched!!  He is going to be adopted! I was wrecked by the idea of not choosing him so finding this out has been music to my soul and has brought sweet joyful tears to my eyes!  Thank you for praying with us for him to be adopted!  And thank you, Father, for being a Father to the fatherless.  "In you the orphan finds mercy." (hosea 14:3)

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