Thursday, April 11, 2013

Two Files

We got a call today from our agency. I thought, for sure, that something was wrong with our paperwork or there had been a hiccup of some kind.  Instead, she was calling to tell us that because we are so close to having our dossier in China, they wanted to go ahead and send us the files of two little boys who are in their orphanage partnerships that they thought would be good fits for our family!!  I think my heart skipped a beat!!  This is unexpected and surprising for us, as we thought we were going to be waiting another month or so before anything like this.

Basically, we have the paperwork for two boys, detailing their medical needs, daily life, and all known information.  Our options are to choose one of these boys or decline both and wait until our paperwork is actually in China.  So please pray for us as we review these files.... they are little boys not simply pieces of paper.... and there is much to consider.   At this time, we can't share any details about the boys, so feel free to ask us how it is going but don't ask for details about the boys. Neither is our son (yet) so we need to keep their details private for now.  We will be showing their files to our pediatrician in the next few days to get medical opinions/advice, but beyond that the details are not ours to share.

Pray with us for these two sweet boys.  And pray that God would give us clarity as we read, re-read, pray, and wrestle with things over the next few days.


  1. wow. just wow. will be praying for you guys...

  2. How exciting! Praying for God's wisdom and discernment for you!

  3. Exciting... intense... wow. Praying, Lisa.


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