Saturday, April 27, 2013

Puzzle Update, Week 25

We are grateful for some very generous donations over the past couple weeks.

225 new pieces!

That brings it to 885 total pieces = $8,850 (and our thermometer goes up past $21k!!)

And, do you notice something about our puzzle??
We finished putting the pieces together this week!!  I can't even explain how much fun it was to fill in those last few pieces.   Now the plan is to turn it over and write the names on the back.  We decided to do it a little differently than we originally thought..... because this fundraiser isn't about who gave the most money (and then who would have their name on the most puzzle pieces).  It is about a community coming together, each giving what they can.  And all together, we can bring this sweet boy home.  So for each person that donated to the puzzle fundraiser, we will write their name on one piece (no matter how much they donated).  If someone sponsored more than one piece, the rest of their pieces will have hearts on them.  We are so grateful for every donation.  From $10 up to $500, they all mean so much to us and they all were huge in bringing our son home.  And really those who donated large amounts did it out of an overflow of generosity and God's work in their hearts - they didn't do it so that everyone would see how many puzzle pieces had their name written on them.  It will be a beautiful work of art to see all the names and hearts on this puzzle, friends.

If you haven't given yet and were wanting to, there is still time.  There are 115 pieces left.  One piece is $10 and truly every $10 given is a sweet blessing!!

Once the names are on it, we move the puzzle to wax paper and brush on the Mod Podge (I'm totally looking forward to doing this!).

Otherwise, in adoption news, we are still waiting to hear back from China. We wait prayerfully (please pray with us!) and knowing that God is at work.  There is more going on than our eyes can see.  So we wait. And pray. And trust the One who is over all things.


  1. Hi Lisa, my name is Mandy Moore and I'm a professor at JBU. I'm also a Lifeline family adopting from China. Would love to connect! Email me.

  2. Hi Mandy! We would love to connect! We added a contact form on the sidebar so if you fill out that, we'll have your email address and we can touch base. Would love to hear your story!
    ~Matt & Lisa


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