Friday, April 5, 2013

Puzzle Update, Week 22

We haven't had time to do much work on getting puzzle pieces in place the past couple of weeks, but each time we do work on it, I get so excited!  Each puzzle piece we put in place brings us closer to seeing the beautiful picture in it's fullness.  Isn't that true of our lives, too?  Each step, each day, we see more of the whole picture God is painting with our lives and and maybe some days we loose sight of the big picture....  either way, we live right now, not seeing it all in fullness, but we also live with hope in The maker and builder of our stories, that he is working out even the tiniest details to make our stories beautiful in order to point to how beautiful He is....because the story of our lives is really just one tiny tiny piece of the bigger picture He made and is seamlessly putting in place.

51  new puzzle pieces sponsored since our last update!!

Total of 660 pieces = $6,600

So truly amazing!

And, that pushes our thermometer to over $19k!

We are grateful beyond words.

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