Wednesday, April 10, 2013


A question we get a lot is that people wonder how we are adopting a boy from China.  Most people generally associate adoption from China with girls.  But we discovered early into our adoption process that so may people want to adopt girls from China that the boys actually get overlooked.  There is actually a great need for families to adopt boys from China.  From our agency, Lifeline:

There are so many boys waiting...

Boys in China? Yes! Contrary to popular belief, there are many, many boys that are available for adoption, many of whom wait for years for someone to take a chance on them and bring them into a forever family. The reality is that statistically speaking, girls are preferred over boys. And, while each child is treasured by God and equal in worth and equally deserving of a family, they are not chosen equally.

Yes, boys ARE messy, noisy, dirty, aggressive, competitive, silly, hungry and did I mention, loud? But, boys are also talented, loyal, hardworking & lovable! you consider what role God would have YOU play in caring for and defending the Fatherless, stop for a moment and consider the boys.

Friends, we have seen pictures and files of some of the boys available for adoption from China and let me tell you, they will melt your heart!  Precious sweet little boys.  But, please don't hear me wrong on this, there is a huge need for adoption in general.... any adoption is wonderful!!   And each family is called to something different.  We love seeing sweet beautiful Chinese girls being brought into families!!  We love seeing any orphan an orphan no longer!!

We felt lead to adopt a boy because of how God has set up our family.... but as we learned this about China, our desire to adopt a boy was confirmed and strengthened.  We are so thankful to get to be a family to one of these little guys..... and so thankful for this whole process of adoption.  God is teaching us and showing us more about himself through this and we are so very grateful.

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