Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Two Years Old

 This little guy loves choo choos.
Two years ago today, we were planning on getting induced tomorrow because our baby boy was two weeks past his due date. 
I was huge. huge. very huge.
I started feeling contractions, but refused to go to the hospital until I was absolutely sure they would admit me.  When we finally got there, I insisted on getting an epidural because my epidurals with my first two labors were so wonderful.  
But, I was already so far into labor that the epidural didn't take.
I couldn't believe the amount of pain.  Matt couldn't believe how hard I could squeeze his hand.
Soon, though, Daniel was with us and we were instantly in love.
Everything else disappeared.
They handed him to me right away, slimy and all.
A moment I hope I never forget.

And here we are two years later and I just don't know if I'll ever get used to my babies growing up so fast.  I keep telling myself that I will, but I'm shocked and brought to tears at each birthday.

With welcoming Daniel into our family, we also welcomed more choo choos, cars, and balls than I could have imagined. Our house now has a much more balanced ratio of toy types.  There are dolls AND cars.  There are pink cups AND blue cups.  There are ballerinas AND firemen.

God made our family this way.  He gave us these children in this order for more reasons than we will ever understand.  But I do know that one affect of our family being this way is that we felt sure we were being called to adopt a boy.  We always thought that if we adopted, it would be a girl, but in arranging our family this way, God pointed us to a different picture of adoption.  A boy.  In a way, Daniel's birth was almost like God giving us two boys.  A vision for two boys anyway.

My heart is especially glad about our adoption when I think of how sweet it will be to have two boys.  
Two muddy dirty stinky wonderful boys!!!

Not too many days go by that Leah doesn't say to Daniel "soon, you are going to have a brother to play with."  I love that sweet reminder from a sister who wants for her brother what she has in having a sister.

So, today on Daniel's 2nd birthday, I rejoice and praise God with all that I am for the gift of Daniel.  He is an amazing gift and I love all the little things that make him Daniel.  I cry about my baby getting big so fast.  And, on Daniel's 2nd birthday, I can't help but think about another boy across the world from us today.  I can't wait to welcome him into our family, to kiss his little toes like I kiss Daniel's little toes.  I cry about each day we are missing with him.

Two girls.  Two boys.  Music to my ears.... and to my heart.
Blessings far beyond what we deserve.

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