Sunday, December 30, 2012

Working on the puzzle

We had some amazing help working on the puzzle this week!  Matt's brother and sister are puzzle experts and we were blown away at how much got done with their help.  

They worked on it for about 4 hours!  So exciting to see it coming together.

We are still at 399 pieces sponsored, so we are hoping to get to 400 this week. Maybe you will be piece 400?   Sponsor one piece for $10.  :)

You'll have to wait until Friday to see a picture of the puzzle as it stands after 4 hours of Harmons working on it (plus an hour of Lisa's mom working on it, too).  I'll post updated pictures along with our puzzle update on Friday.  It will be worth coming back for!

We'll be spending this week gathering up all of the financial documents our social worker needs and working on our education requirements for the home study.

Happy New Year!  Excited to see what 2013 holds.

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