Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Fundraiser Totals

Wow, this Christmas Fundraiser has been so fun for us!  Several people have asked, so we wanted to clarify - the puzzle fundraiser is still going on.  Puzzle pieces can still be sponsored until all 1,000 pieces have names on them. One piece = $10.

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who purchased a card (and therefore sponsored a puzzle piece) or bought a flower pen!  You've made this an exciting week.

Here are the totals:

44 flower pens sold = $220

10 cards sold = 10 puzzle pieces sponsored (which brings us to 266 pieces total!)
Card Total = $50
Puzzle Total = $100

grand total of $270 raised plus $100 of puzzle pieces sponsored

So thankful to be that much closer to our goal!

In addition to that, several sweet friends have given very generous donations this week.  You'll want to check back on Friday for our puzzle update for the week. You all are supporting and encouraging us well.

Grateful.  Humbled.  And ready for our first home study visit tonight!

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