Saturday, November 3, 2012


You may wonder what we are doing now in our adoption process.  This is what we are doing.  This mountain of paperwork has to be filled out and we have to take 10 hours of online classes before our home study can be done.  This paperwork includes trips to the doctor for all 5 of us, certified copies of birth certificates, marriage certificate, tax forms, and looooots more.  It feels like they have to know every detail of our entire lives.

What I feel like doing is removing myself from regular life, hunkering down, and knocking this paperwork out of the park.  Matt has sweetly reminded me that it isn't possible for me to do that so I have to relax, do my best, live life, trust the Lord, and know that it will get done in His time.  So I am trying to balance my determination to get my little boy home ASAP (and get through all of these adoption steps in lightning speed) with the reality that God is sovereign over the timing.  Praying I can rest in Him.

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