Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Need

While we are enjoying working on paperwork (I really am enjoying it right now!  I'm crazy, I know) and doing things to move forward, we have a pretty large financial need right now.  

We need about $4,000 to pay the initial agency fees and home study fees.  

This is the breakdown:
$1800  Agency Fee
$1800  Home Study Fee
$400    Education Requirements, background checks

Through the puzzle fundraiser, $1,500 has come in!  We are humbled and grateful at that.

So, we need about $2,500 to pay these initial fees.  We will be doing other fundraisers (T-shirt, concert, etc) in the new year, but we would love to take care of these initial fees now to keep the process moving forward.

We know this is a lot, and its coming at a time when budgets are already stretched tight- but we are trusting that God will provide a way.  

Please consider being a part of our son's adoption journey with a gift of $10, $25, $50 or $100.  

You can make a donation by using the pay pal button on the right or by mailing a check.

We are loving seeing the sweet names come together on our puzzle.  Thank you for walking this road with us.

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